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"(CIC) took the ball and ran with it,communicated well with the folks in the field here, and with us. I appreciate that."

Robert Winters
OWH Founder

  Ottolino Winters Huebner      

With a reputation developed for innovative design, exemplary project management, technical expertise, and the ability to complete projects within demanding schedules and budgets, OWH placed a high value on finding a partner company who could provide the same level of expertise on their own remodel. After 16 years at their current location, it was time to create a space where exemplary project management and highly collaborative, demanding, creative, and responsible teamwork can take place. OWH chose Commercial Installation & Construction (CIC) as the partner company to join their team.

Construction Without Downtime
In the end, this "open remodel" project, was about doing the work without interfering with the day-to-day business taking place in the space. This required carefully crafting aproject plan, and staging and executing the project, step-by-step, mainly during nights and weekends. Minor details had to be considered like using low VOC paints and minimizing dust. Challenges with uneven floors interfering with sliding doors and hiccups with plumbing, were not allowed to interfere with project deadlines. Every detail was noted, communicated, addressed, and overcome without disrupting the final goal.

Full Scale Renovation
OWH didn't design the new space as a client showcase, but as a way to facilitate communication and collaboration internally. To that end, the entire layout was changed: The founders' offices, which had previously been at opposite ends of the building, were now side-by-side with only a sliding glass door separating the two. Workstations, the reception area, the kitchen, and a new conference room were redesigned to incorporate spaces where team members can go over drawings, have informal meetings, and have space for collaborating. ...And all of this was accomplished without downtime for OWH employees.

The Key to a Successful Project
OWH knows that the secret to a successful project is clear, constant communication. According to Robert Winters, OWH Founder, one of CIC's greatest strengths was the constant clear communications between theOWH Founders, the CIC Project Manager, and the Lead Construction Manager. "CIC always tried to work through proper channels at all times. Alex took the ball and ran with it, communicated well with his folks in the field here, and with us. I appreciate that they would challenge anything that didn't go together the way they thought it was supposed to; the CIC team would come up and talk to us before they proceeded. I like that kind of interaction." With high performance expectations for everyone they team with, OWH feels that the job went very well considering it was not very easy, particularly since the work had to be done during business hours. – "We're architects, so we're demanding, but we're happy with what we ended up with."


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